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      Warmly celebrate the company's new third board listing

      Release Time:2017-03-29  Source:Original  Views:4997

          The company was officially listed on the "New Third Board" on March 2, 2017 after being examined and approved by China National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Stock Transfer System Co., LTD., and its securities were referred to as "Kori Electric" with the securities code 871064.

         The listing of "New Third Board" is a milestone on the company's growth path, marking that the company has entered China's capital market. The company will make full use of the power of the capital market to achieve comprehensive and rapid development in technological innovation, market development and other aspects. Company will be more strict management, and in the future development of a more scientific and reasonable corporate governance structure, improve the management level, realize their own social value, attract more talents to join our team, sustainable development reserve force for the company, so as to realize responsible for the user, responsible for employees, responsible to the shareholders, the mission of socially responsible.

          We believe that the listing of "New Third Board" is only a new starting point for the development of Kori. We will adhere to the business philosophy of "high quality and high efficiency", take root at home and look internationally, and make Kori brand well-known and trustworthy all over the world.


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